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Librarywalls provides free printables to get children excited about reading.

About me

My name is Clay. Nice to meet you.
I live in Brisbane, Australia.
I like reading. Books are great. Libraries are great.
I also like to make printables and give them away for free on my website.
Do you know what my website is called? It’s called librarywalls.com.

You can send me emails. (Click to send me an email.)

And if you’d like to see more of my illustration and projects, check out domesticcowboy.com

Here are some photos of me:


You can print the posters on this website and use them in your library, school, home, office, or wherever. Please enjoy them.
Please share, but be sure to link to our posts or website pages. Don’t link directly to jpgs or other files and don’t host the files on your website or blog. All of the artwork is copyright. Don’t sell, resell, redistribute, or alter any of the content on this website.

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